Discover the artistry behind DarkFall Candles as you fill your home with the warm glow and enchanting scents of our handmade creations.

We would like to Thank you for taking the time to visit our shop. We carry over 80+ Fragrances. Sadly, not all of them are listed. So, if you don't find what you're looking for. Please don't hesitate to ask if we carry it. We now offer customizable scents available in Wicked & Wickless Candles, Wax melts, Car diffusers & Room Sprays. We also now offer Candles in 14 oz. (By special requests only.) To inquire about Customized scents or Special requests/orders, general questions. Please contact us at Email: or Via phone (912) 482-9111. As all of our products are Handcrafted & Made To Order. *Please allow for a 2 weeks for Processing, proper curing times & label creations for each order.*

What are customizable scents?

Customizable scents happen in one of two ways.

1.) You can pick your favorite scents up to (3) three that will be used to create a candle as unique as you are.


2.) You give us an idea of what you like or what your looking for and DarkFall will try to create a fragrance to match it. We then would send you a sample for approval or adjustments to create the final product.

*Please note that both options have a minimum amount that must be ordered.*

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